Go Your Own Way

Our styles of adventures are all-inclusive packages from the moment you land. All packages come with Isolation, Seclusion, Breath taking landscapes, Attention to details and Great service. These three styles of experience — Survival, Hermit, Glamping — equate to Rough, Basic and Comfortable level of service.
Choose your style and go your Own way!


With one tool, no shelter, no food, no water you embark in a very demanding experience that see a handful of challengers succeed. It is Perfect experience for testing yourself(ves) and exploring how far your can go. You will have to fight to get everything you need.

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With a basic roof over your head and some essentials, you will journey through simplicity of life. You can either choose to read a book (or write one) all day long and survive on rations we provided. Or fish, hunt, pick to discover your new world or supplement your meals. You still have to fetch water, chop wood and fend off invasive animals.

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Nice accommodation, cooked meals, amenities and services in a very remote setting on your own, that is probably the best way to describe what it is. Families in search of unique private experience, honeymooners or just explorer in need of break are examples of our guests for glamping.

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