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Chile is situated in South America; with its very long and skinny land mass stretching from Peru to the border or the antarctic sea (Tierra del Fuego) it is a nation of contrasts. 3 major climates make the country: sub tropical in the north, mediterranean and arid / desert in central region and its southern region bears a similar climate to northern of Europe with a wet and cool weather. The country has gone through indigenous kingdoms, spanish conqueror and colonisation, violent dictatorship bringing economic stability, and since the 90ies and democratic state. It remains one of South Americas most prosperous nation despite a slow (2%) economic growth. Solitaree works in the southern region called the Magallanes. Not far from our foresty hermit island, stretches the Magellan Strait, a channel connecting the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific Ocean! We set out in the middle of fjords, high hills and forests.

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Chile Hermit

Chile Hermit

This is not your typical holiday adventure. The concept of this experience is to test your mental and physical abilities, learn how you would react in an emergency setting, and the skills you need to survive.

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