Hermit Experiences Specialist

Welcome to Solitaree, the Hermit Experiences Specialist. Accessing the most remote places on earth, with no hassle and all the safety assurance, can be challenging and pricey. We deliver exactly this without the head aches and the price tag. We want to bring you to a new place that you would never go to otherwise, both physically and mentally by introducing you to the most secluded travel experience you can find.
We truly believe Solitude Is The New Black.

Discover Your Limits

...and trust yourself again: borders are set by ourselves, break them! And usually your instinct is challenged by impetuous (social) factors; learn again to follow yourself, not what is expected.

Less is Good

The turning point to changing your life: realise that rebooting yourself is possible - there is another world to the one we live in our daily lives, full of un-necessary needs, pressures, obligations.

One with Nature

Back to basics, not only to realise you need so much less than you thought but also to reconnect with the origin of things and value the little you have. Fresh air, clean water, pristine forests: thrive in purity!

Experience isolation and survival situations

It is completely off the grid. Nobody around to bother you. No mobile phone. No Internet.



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