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Punta Arenas

Group Meeting Point

14 Days

12 days of hermitage

2 pax

Max group size

Chile Hermit Experience

It is hard to believe that this place is overlooking the Magellan Strait, the divide between South America and Tierra del Fuego, the shortcut to avoid the infamous Cape Horn to the south. But this is where your new home will be. Off the water, on a little rock, the log hut is the perfect setting for the Chile hermit experience. Not a soul within 50km or 4 days walk. The dense pre-arctic forest will be your companion, sea lions your guests, and the salmon your feed.

Our little Cabaña is situated not far from the Brunswick peninsula, in Chile's southernmost region of Magallanes and Antartica Chilena. It is more south than any land of Australia and New Zealand. Known for its harsh climate but also for its famous pirate stories, you need to be ready physically and mentally for this sometimes overwhelming environment. If you dreamt of a Chile hermit experience, this is the place!

Chile Hermitage Involves






in the terrain


of the group

Highlights of the Chile Hermit Experience

Who can go on This Hermitage?

Min age —

Adults only

Physical condition —

Must be in good health and physical condition as you will be on your own for a long period of time under challenging conditions.

This experience requires you to —

Be ready for loneliness, cope with cold nights. You also need to be mentally strong to resist mental isolation torments. You have to be ready to eat and sleep in primitive conditions. You have to accept that hygiene is limited. You have tobe adventurous and self relient, resilient and resourceful.

Schedule of the Chile Hermitage

Day 1 Punta Arenas

We pick you up at the Presidente Carlos Ibáñez International Airport of Punta Arenas, Chile. We drive into Punta Arenas where you settle into accommodation, and visit town. After a 1st briefing describing your hermit location and surrounding we take you to do some additional shopping for some additional personnel items you might like. Followed by a Medical Check.Then around a beer, we have an Open Question and Answer session with your Guide. It is concluded by a training on how to use our communications equipment. Evening welcome dinner.

Day 2-12 Hermitage Experience Cordoba Peninsula

We leave the Lodge after breakfast to the wharf and jump on a speed boat to your Hermitage location. En route the 200km trip we stop in a couple of places to familiarise with the fauna and flora. Upon arrival at the site, we tour your around the premises and your land. We check together the coms and do our final safety briefing in addition to the final equipment and supplies check. From the moment our team departs you are on your own.

Day 13 Punta Arenas

Your are picked up to return to Punta Arenas. Settle back in the accommodation, enjoy a hot shower and a delicious dinner.

Day 14

After breakfast and a tour of town, and the museum, we drive you back to the airport and it is the end of programme.

Some Pictures From Chile Hermit Adventure

Accommodation and Location

While in town in Punta Arenas

Hotel or Lodge

While Hermitage site

Beautiful 2 room log hut, separate dry toilets, bucket shower.

Cordoba Peninsula

About 200km from Punta Arenas

Good to Know About Chile Hermit Experience

The weather is subpolar oceanic were temperatures don't vary much over the seasons because of ocean proximity. The warmest season is the south hemisphere spring and summer when it is in average 12*C while in winter (june to august) it is in average -1*C. The temperature amplitude between the coldest month and the hottest month is only 9.4 ° C. The area also has a fairly dry climate with an annual cumulative rainfall of less then 400mm. On the other hand, the wind can blow continuously hard (60km/h average) and reach up to 120 km/h gusting. Nights can be fresh, and days especially in summer warm. This is favourable for mosquitoes, and dense vegetation.
The Magallanes region where we established our hermit location is considered part of the Chilean Patagonia. While circumnavigating the earth for Spain, Magellan passed close to the present site of Punta Arenas ( "Sandy Point” in english). The rest of the peninsula is quite hilly and forested. The channel is deep and wide (as wide as its hills say our guide!) and has over 100 islands.
While in Punta Arenas we eat mostly at delicious restaurants and cafes.
While at the Hermit site: you will be given supplies but you can fish, forage, collect, hunt. You will have fresh water provided too.
While on the main land, in Town or in the country side: private mini van, taxis.
To the Islands: motor boat (included) and if available seaplane / helicopter for an additional cost.
Expect: to be eaten alive by the beauty of the location;
to be challenged by the environment both with the fauna and flora;
to have the time to dive in your innersole, contemplate, meditate;
to have a little as you want to do;
to return to a life of essential reflexes - taste the back to basics;
to count on us to keep you safe: our 24/7 support crew on the mainland is there in case of emergency.
Safety and security is paramount to our business.

We prepare for risks by minimising our exposure to them and by being very knowledgeable about our area but also using trusted and competent local teams.

Punta Arenas and the Brunswick Peninsula are very calm places. There are hardly any political risks. Most actual dangers would come from the sea (the waters and its population, etc.), the weather (strong winds, unforeseen storm), the 'unpredictable' (earthquake, tsunami, etc.) but also human factor. You will be briefed on all the above upon arrival.

But honestly the biggest security challenges are the ones inherent to the experience. Challenges are not only in managing the remoteness and your food but also not to loose yourself in the forest or figuratively. Remember that our guide will introduce you to your location, so take note of all questions you might want to ask.
  One English speaking fixer to help you settle and be in contact with in case of emergency.

  Location is off the grid, no power, no running water and no internet or mobile phone network.

  In case of emergency it can take up to 1 day to be reached by the support team. There will be help but it is limited.

  With limited infrastructure and transport: we ask for patience and understanding in some situation.

Departure Dates & Booking of Hermitage Experience in Chile


2023 Dates

Open Dates
November to April
Max - 2 pers.
AUD 5890
Single supplement
per pers.
AUD 350


2024 Dates

  For corporate Hermit Experience, please contact us directly.

What's Included In This Hermit Adventure?


  Airport transfers

  Transfers to and from Hotel / Lodge

  Transfers to and from the Hermit location by boat (any other means is not included here)

  2 nights accommodation in Hotels

  1 basic hut on the peninsula with four walls and a roof.

  All meals at the hotel

  Food rations and fresh water on site

  Tools on the hermit experience (fishing gear, axe, shovel, etc.)

  Fixer to help you settle discover and understand on the 1st day at the site

  1st aid kit

  24x7 access to the emergency team


  Flights  to and from the meeting point (Presidente Carlos Ibáñez International Airport of Punta Arenas, Chile)

  Flight to the site of Hermit Experience by Helicopter / Sea Plane

  Personal expenses (beverages, entertainment)

  Personal items taken to the island, incl medication, sunscreen, copybook, pens, games, etc.

  Tips to local guides and staff

  Travel insurance

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