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That due to the ongoing political situation involving Russia, we have ceased all activities in this country. We hope for better times ahead. Thank you for your understanding.

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Siberia, Russia
Group Meeting Point

14 Days

12 days at the hermit site

2 pax

Max group size

Siberia Hermit Experience

In the 18th century Old Believers like the Lhykov family refused modernisation of their liturgy and escaped into the wild to continue practice their faith far from modern “blasphemy”. The closer the “heretics" would get to them the deeper they would go into the forest not to be found. So well so that in 1978 one such family was found by accident… after more than 35 years of actual isolation! Solitaree is not trying to emulate this situation, but only to bring you to a place where such seclusion is possible, and where you will have to accept to return to basics. This Siberia Hermit experience, is probably the richest we offer: you can roam the woods and the river for days without finding a human soul. You can live off the land and explore as far as your heart takes you. You can dive into your inner self without distraction. The wild life and your skills to survive are the only things that will matter to you then. The intensity of the seclusion is only matched by its beauty, so familiar but so different at the same time. A place you have to tame otherwise it will eat you alive. A river bank in the Sayan Mountains that will never let you go back the way you came.

Siberia Hermitage Involves






in the terrain


of the group

Highlights of Siberia Hermit Experience

Who can go on Hermitage in Siberia?

Min age —

Adults only

Physical condition —

Must be in good health and physical condition as there are 12 days in difficult and challenging environment, with some physical exertion.

This experience requires you to —

Withstand fear. To be fine alone and in nature. Be able to withstand cold nights, sleep lightly woken up by noise in your hut and stomping outside. Not be bothered by isolation and what it does to your mind. You have to be ready to eat and sleep in basic conditions, manage well with limited hygiene. Be resourceful to make yourself at home where there is little to be home. Be happy with little. You need to be able to keep motivated to do essential house chores. You have to accept to lose yourself. Outdoors experience is recommended for this trip. Accept to take the time to achieve things. Finally you have to be fine with no communication for the entire time of your experience.

Schedule of Siberia Hermit Experience

Day 1 Irkutsk

You are met at the Irkutsk International Airport and driven into town where you settle into accommodation, and visit town. Later in the day you will get your 1st briefing, a medical Check if necessary and the Open Question and Answer session with your Guide. In the evening there is welcome drink and dinner to set the tone!

Day 2 Taiga Hut

After breakfast we do our 2nd briefing (a safety briefing) and communications device training. Then we depart in a van (to the shops to buy the last bits you might have forgotten!!) toward our Hermit site. When we reach the river we transfer into a hovercraft, it is the only vehicle able to go up stream in some of the shallow and tormented waters. At lunch we will stop for picnic. Then we continue afterwards to our destination. Upon arrival, your guide will introduce you to the site and give you some instructions about camp installation. You will use the leftover time to prepare your first night in your hut. Your guide will leave you to it. Your are now on your own.

Day 3-12 Hermit Experience Taiga Hut

This is now your time to shine. Be super active and climb all the surrounding hills and mountains, hunt, fish or build a new enclosure. Or do nothing but meditate or write a book, it is your call.

Day 13 Irkutsk

Your guide will come to meet you at the camp. You will return to civilisation. If necessary you will visit our Doctor before settling back in your hotel. Then you can enjoy a hot bath and probably the beauty of a real bed

Day 14

After breakfast, we drive you back to the airport and you fly out.

Some Pictures From Taiga

Accommodation and Location

Hotel Irkutsk

While in town in Irkutsk

Hotel and/or Lodges, depending on the season and customer needs.

survival site

While at the Hermit Site

Your log hut with a door, four walls and a roof.

Siberia map

Siberian Taiga

150km from Irkutsk on the bank of a river in the Sayan Mountains.

Good to Know About This Hermitage Experience in Russia

Climate: In Siberia vegetation is mostly Taiga (coniferous forests consisting mostly of pines, spruces, and larches) and a temperate forest zone in the South. The area where we take you in sitting halfway on this belt with a nice mix. In this region, like in most Siberia, climate varies dramatically. It typically has fairly warm summers lasting at least four months and long cold winters. Summer days can reach up to 30*C and winter days up to -45*C.
Made of forests, rivers, mountains, plains, hills, swamps the Taiga landscape is quite varied. Rivers tend to flow to the north and mountains tend to have a north/south arc.
While in town in Irkutsk: restaurants typical Russian cuisine.

While on Hermit experience: you are given rations and staple (flour, barley, rice, pasta, beans, salt, corned beef, etc.). Should you want to complement your meals you will have to hunt, fish, forage, collect, pick. Drinking water is provided.
While in Town or in the country side: private mini van, taxis, walking.

To the Hermit site: private Van, hovercraft boat, and walking.
It is not a difficult experience but rather a challenging one: you can have warm temperatures during the day, cold ones at night. You might be scared. but you will need to chop wood, look out for bears, find a routine.

This is the experience that connects you back to your human roots. It is the experience that teaches you to live the slow life. It is the slow pace that many have forgotten about. It is the experience of enjoying the time rather than for how much you can cram into one day. It takes you back to basics, straight to the core of the elements.

During the whole experience, you will be in daily contact with our 24/7 support crew in case of emergency, but also to check that you are still alive!
Safety and security is paramount to our business.

We prepare for risks by minimising our exposure to them and by being very knowledgeable about our area but also using trusted and competent local teams.

Siberia is vast and varied but it is a calm place. And being isolated in the wilderness make it even better. There are hardly any political risks. Some human risks like in any other place around the world. The only real dangers come from nature (bears, rivers, forests, etc.), the weather (unforeseen storm, flash floods, etc.), the 'unpredictable' (sinkhole, falling tree, etc.) but also human attitudes (angry gold miner, drinking too much, etc.). You will be briefed on all the above upon arrival.

But honestly the biggest security challenges are the ones inherent to trying to be. Challenges are in managing the remoteness and yourself. Remember that you will be equipped with communication devices so you can contact us to raise an emergency or just to say you are fine.
  one English speaking Hermit guide for up to 2 people;

  off the grid for 12 days: no internet or mobile phone network;

  in case of emergency it can take up to 1 day to be reached by the support team. There will be limited outside help;

  with limited infrastructure and transport: we ask for patience and understanding in some situation;

  the guide is not there 'to do' for you but to 'support' your actions, direct you in decision making, manage conflicts, throw the towel for you and make hard decision (medivacs, site evacuations, weather dangers, etc.) to ensure you are going to last and enjoy this adventure but above all, remain safe.

Departure Dates & Booking of Hermitage in Russian Taiga in Siberia


Open Dates

Open Dates
August to September
Your group!
AUD 4990
Single supplement
per pers.
AUD 350

  All prices are given per person for the group of 2 participants. For corporate or private groups, please contact us.

What's Included In This Adventure?


  Airport transfers

  Transfers to and from Hotel

  Transfers to and from the Hermit site

  Natural park entry fees

  2 nights accommodation in hotels

  All meals at the hotel

  Guide at the Hermit Site for the 1st day

  24/7 access to the emergency team

  Daily notification of good health


  Flights to and from the meeting point

  Personal expenses (beverages, entertainment)

  Tips to local guides and staff

  Travel insurance

  Personal items of any nature

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