Overall Rating
9 Difficulty · 9 Isolation · 10 Danger


Group Meeting Point

12 Days

8 nights of survival

6 pax

Max group size
+ 1 survival guide

Life Changing Experience

As the world faces its greatest challenge in decades, Solitaree brings you to Tonga to experience first hand the world of complete isolation, bareness and back to basics, on a voluntary basis! We drop you on a deserted island for a desert island survival challenge where you have nothing but yourself and what you have at that point. There is no shelter, no food. One tool and all your skills to fish, hunt, forage, rebuild life and survive 8 nights (at least, more if you want) on this rock in the middle of the ocean. Away from civilisation and off the grid is the perfect way to get you to find deep into yourself all you need to make it. This desert island survival experience is the perfect opportunity to create, think outside the box, work collaboratively to succeed. Far from a typical holiday, this experience is to test your mental and physical abilities, push yourself and enjoy a very simple way of life.

Tonga is not just a country in the South Pacific, it is one of the last Kingdoms in the world. Made of 174 islands, of which 36 only are inhabited by 100,000 people, it is true to its traditions and proud of never been colonised. It is as Tongans say, the last True Pacific islands.

Desert Island Survival Involves






in the terrain


of the group

Highlights of the Desert Island Survival Experience

Who can go on This Trip?

Min age —

Adults only

Physical condition —

Must be in good health and physical condition as there are 7 days difficultin challenging conditions, while underfed and in hot climate.

This survival experience requires you to —

Withstand heat, cold nights, tiredness and hunger. You need to be mentally strong to resist mental isolation torments. You need to be a team player accept other members’ differences, add your brick to the wall and be a solution oriented. You have to resist very tough climate conditions. You have to be ready to eat and sleep in primitive conditions. You have to accept that hygiene and personal space are limited. You have to consider eating anything edible. You need to be able to work with exhaustion and deal with tunnel vision. You have to accept not to own any belongings.You need to accept to lose yourself.

Schedule of the Tonga Island Survival Experience

Day 1 Nuku’alofa

You are picked at the Fua’motu International Airport. We drive into Nuku’alofa, settle into accommodation, and visit town. 1st briefing. Medical Check. Open Question and Answer session with your Guide. Evening welcome drink and dinner.

Day 2 Nuku’alofa

At the resort off the main island we enjoy the morning relaxing by a beach, swimming and snorkelling. Every occasion to learn something about the tropical island environment is good so we jump on a speed boat to check and few surrounding islands and understand what and how life is on them. In the afternoon, we will do the 2nd briefing, that include a survival and safety briefing, and the final equipment check.

Day 3-9 Survival Experience Uninhabited Island

We jump on the boat and we head to our deserted island for your survival experience. We will be there for 8 days. Your experience starts here.

Day 10 Nuku’alofa

End of the island survival. We are extracted from the island and returned to our resort by boat. A medical check is perform immediately by our Doctor. We enjoy a real meal, wind down at the resort, and undertake a deep personal fresh water clean up!

Day 11 Nuku’alofa

This day is very important, as it is a buffer for your health. You relax at the resort, enjoy nice but healthy food. Have the pleasure to turn the light on and off, and receive your mobile phone back. Reconnect to the world (or not!).

Day 12

Breakfast, and fly out.

Some Pictures From the Spot

Accommodation and Location of Our Island

While in town in Nuku'alofa

Hotel and/or Island resort, depending on the season and customer needs.

Accommodation on the survival island

While on Survival Island

Nothing but what you have at your disposal to make camp.

Uninhabited Island Survival Map

Tonga Archipelago

Three islands are at our disposal. We decide close to the departure which island will be best suited to our group.

Good to Know About This Survival Experience

The Tongan climate is very nice. It comprises mostly of 2 seasons: a Rainy Season from December to April, during which it is quite buggy and temperatures rise above 32°C (89.6°F). And a much cooler period called Dry Season from May to November where temperatures rarely go above 27°C (80.6°F). The sunshine is moderate but can be very intense and the average humidity can is around 75%. We travel to Tonga outside of the Cyclone season (Mostly January to March). But heavy rains and cloudy days are common early and late in the year. During the dry season, nights can be fresh and the ocean cool.
Made of 174 islands in 4 archipelagos Tonga is not a very mountainous country. Central and Southern islands are ‘flatter’ than the northern archipelagos. To the exception of a couple of straight of the water volcanoes that make the rule. We will be using the most southern or the middle archipelago (purely for safety reasons). On our islands there is enough vegetation, sea life (fish, crustaceans, etc.) and land life (pigs, rodents, reptiles, birds) to survive on. Our highest island is 25m above sea level. Daily tides change significantly the shape of the island. This is also the case during seasons where sand banks, waves or current form in new places.
While in town in Nuku’alofa or a the resort: hotel restaurants and restaurants, International or local food is cooked. we try to have you experience as much as possible of the traditional cuisine.

While on Survival Island: only what you can fish, forage, collect, hunt. This applies to water too.
While on the main island, in Town or in the country side: private mini van, taxis.

To the Islands: sail boat or motor boat
This is a difficult experience: heat during day, cold during the night, drenched when it rains, hungry and thirsty, sometimes scared, upbeat or down low. You are back to basics, raw into the elements. It is a very challenging experience that strips you from the usual you to push you out of your comfort zone. Though the setting is a tropical paradise, the Survivor Island experience is not for everyone: it is not for those after a tranquil relaxing by the sea holiday. It is definitely for those that want to test their reaction to all kinds of situations and see how far their body and mind would cope.

On the island you will be joined by our Survival Guide. He will shadow you through the experience, and will make sure you do not kill yourself(ves). He will direct you to correct receptive wrong skills and make the call should you need to be extracted before the end. During the whole experience, he is in contact with our 24/7 support crew on the mainland in case of emergency.
Safety and security is paramount to our business.

We prepare for risks by minimising our exposure to them and by being very knowledgeable about our area but also using trusted and competent local teams.

The Kingdom of Tonga is a very calm place. There are hardly any political risks. Some human risks like in any other place around the world. The only real dangers come from the sea (sharks, sea snake, etc.), the weather (unforeseen storm), the 'unpredictable' (earthquake, tsunami, etc.) but also human attitudes (pub brawl, etc.). You will be briefed on all the above upon arrival.

But honestly the biggest security challenges are the ones inherent to trying to survive. Challenges are not only in surviving daily, but more importantly, in managing the remoteness and your colleagues. Remember that our guide will inform you as you go and make the decision that are required to reduce risks, and that includes to get you out of the island. The group has to follow the guides' decisions at any time.
  one English speaking survival guide for up to 6 people;

  off the grid for 10 days: no internet or mobile phone network;

  in case of emergency it can take up to 1 day to be reached by the support team. There will be limited outside help;

  survivor will experience a significant weight loss;

  only 1 survival Item is allowed to be taken on the island (list we will provided to you after your booking is confirmed);

  with limited infrastructure and transport: we ask for patience and understanding in some situation;

  the guide is not there 'to do' for you but to 'support' your actions, direct you in decision making, manage conflicts, throw the towel for you and make hard decision (medivacs, island evacuations, weather danger, etc.) To ensure you are going to last and enjoy this adventure but above all, remain safe.

Departure Dates & Booking of the Island Survival


2023 Dates


2024 Dates

  All prices are given per person for the group of 6 participants. Minimum of 4 participants. For corporate or private groups, please contact us.

What's Included In This Survival Experience?


  Airport transfers

  Transfers to and from the resort

  Transfers to and from the Survivor Island

  4 nights accommodation at the resort

  All meals at the resort

  Survival expert on the Island

  24x7 access to the emergency team


  Flights to and from the meeting point (Fua’motu airport, Tonga)

  Personal expenses (beverages, entertainment)

  Tips to local guides and staff

  Travel insurance

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