Hello, dear readers,

In a world that seems to be perpetually connected, with every beep and ping constantly demanding our attention, we are ecstatic to introduce you to an experience that strips back the noise and immerses you in pure, undisturbed solitude. Introducing: Solitaree.

Why Solitaree?

Ever felt an insatiable yearning to truly disconnect? To momentarily retreat from the relentless hum of modern life and discover a sanctuary of calm and self-reflection? Solitaree was conceived from this very sentiment. We draw inspiration from the brave souls who have been shipwrecked and the age-old hermits who chose seclusion over society. Embedded within our logo, if you look closely, is the Morse code for the word “DARE” (-·· ·- ·-· ·). While the universally recognized SOS signal (··· — ···) in Morse code stands as a beacon for those in distress, we repurpose this language as a challenge to you: Dare to detach. Dare to experience the profound tranquility and introspection that only true solitude can offer.

Solitaree logo workflow

Genuine Solitude, Genuine Experience

With Solitaree, you won’t find an ‘almost’ solitary experience. No simulations. No half-measures. What we promise is a genuine, undiluted hermit experience. Whether you seek luxury or a bare-bones minimalist experience, we assure you the real deal.

Solitaree is the brainchild of two unique minds: BaikalNature and No Limit Journeys. It’s a synergy of their combined vision, knowledge, and expertise. And this venture couldn’t be timelier. The world is at a point where individual perspectives are shifting. The desire for genuine connections and moments of isolation is burgeoning. As we’ve seen during the unprecedented times of Covid-19, solitude is not just a desire – it’s a necessity.

A Different Type of Adventure

We specialize in creating unique travel experiences. However, we don’t merely plan your trip. We meticulously design them based on our deep exploration of remote locations – places where others don’t dare to tread. If we promise you seclusion, it means you will truly be alone, enveloped by nature, miles away from the nearest human. If it’s a survival experience we speak of, expect nothing but you, one tool, and the boundless wilderness.

Moreover, while we challenge you both mentally and physically, we ensure that you have a stress-free experience. Our comprehensive understanding of local cultures and environments ensures zero negative impact on the regions we explore. Our relationships with local teams are founded on mutual respect, ensuring that they share in the success and pride of offering unique experiences.


Solitaree is more than just a travel experience. It’s an invitation to rediscover yourself. It’s a challenge to break free from the chains of societal norms and to plunge into an experience that truly tests your limits. We believe in the philosophy of ‘enough’, and Solitaree is our pioneer step towards this.

Join us in this groundbreaking journey and discover the profound joy of solitude. Because at Solitaree, we truly believe – Solitude Is The New Black.

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